One of the fun things we get to do here at Indeflex is create unique ways to help our merchants save money on credit card processing to increase their profit margins. The Flat Cash program is one of these inventions and here’s how it works.

If the customer chooses to pay by credit card, they will be charged a small fee that offsets your credit card processing costs. We provide all the signage to explain how this works to customers, and to encourage them to pay with cash instead. This way, the customer always has the option to skip the fee by paying with cash or a debit card. In this way, business owners can eliminate 100% of fees. We also deploy cutting-edge technology that automatically identifies the different transaction types to keep you within the card brand’s guidelines. It’s that simple. And the benefits are HUGE.

Why use Flat Cash?

  • Flat rate pricing- with Flat Cash, business owners enjoy a low, dependable monthly rate.
  • Card brand notifications and signage for your customers are included to remain compliant.
  • We provide you with a premium cash discount enabled device that automatically separates debit and credit transactions.
  • You’ll increase revenue by processing fewer credit card transactions and will pay a lower fee for merchant services.

This is the easiest way to pass through a low credit card processing fee through to the customers who choose to pay with credit. Indeflex runs a fully compliant Flat Cash program with certified equipment and full card brand compliance. Be wary of other ‘cash discount’ programs, as Visa has put out a statement notifying the payments industry that many of these are not compliant with its guidelines! If you’re looking for a smart, easy way to reduce merchant services expenses, you’ve found it! Request more info now and get started.

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