Aaron Neuhaus is an energetic Sales Director out of our West Coast office in Petaluma, CA. Aaron started his sales career at the tender age 11 selling newspaper subscriptions in an outside sales position. Aaron jokes, “While some would consider this a borderline child labor law violation, it taught me the basics of sales, specifically outside sales, from a very early age.” Aaron entered the world of credit card processing in 2006 at Central Payment. After quickly working his way through the organization, he was a Sales Director for many years until he was ultimately promoted to manage all of the company’s new agents. “I oversaw a number of Sales Directors helping new agents write their first merchant account in this industry. Starting with Indeflex in November of 2019, I am bringing all my industry experience and pricing knowledge with me! Finally, given the tools and flexibility I need to appropriately support my agents, as well as a DREAM TEAM of peers and coworkers, I am looking forward to what the future has in store for all our Indeflex partners as well as myself!” 

Personally, Aaron and his beautiful wife Vanessa have been together for almost a decade, and have been married for 2-years now. Together they have a family of furry friends including Sasha who is a black lab/pit bull mix who is only 9-months old and still growing! They also have a cat named Neige and a 6-year old cockatiel named Spike who reportedly has “…the disposition of a child the same age.” Also fun to note, the family struggles more with the dog trying to eat the bird than the cat. They are basically best friends and he even stands on top of her and will sing songs to her!

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