Our CTO Jason Konrad has been hard at work on a custom portal called Autobahn Money, that allows all Indeflex agents to seamlessly view and track commissions at-a-glance. This is not a drill! This new portal is rolling out this week and next, so let’s dive in to learn more. Agents should watch for their welcome email to the portal any day now!

First of all, Autobahn is the business management tool all Indeflex agents use to submit tickets, turn in and track applications, run reports, track leads, etc. The list goes on and on of all the cool custom features Autobahn offers. This new feature is a specific functionality that agents have been asking for that allows them to view their pending, paid, balance owned, and residual statuses from the one portal. Here’s a snap shot of how it looks.

This new portal shows agents their payment history, and most importantly, it gives crystal clear visibility into the payout process and which accounts have been paid, which have not, and why.

When agents login they will see:

· Pending – From approval bonuses or other bonuses

· Paid – Accounts already paid to you

· Balance – Agents can track their advances and other balances

· Residuals – As our agent’s book of business grows, this tab will show their ‘hands-off’ earnings – the residual income agents earn every day, all year long on previously sold accounts.

There is also a section that shows a full history of all the accounts an agent has sold. It looks like this:

This history section shows approvals, bonuses, activation statuses, and applications that are pending to give agents a full view of their book of business at any given time.

“I built this with our agent’s convenience in mind. They all need a way to easily see their earnings and what accounts need follow-up or are pending for some reason. This gives them all the information they need in a simple format right inside Autobahn,” said Jason Konrad, CTO at Indeflex.

Once each agent’s account has been created, a welcome email will be sent out. When logging into the Autobahn Money portal you’ll navigate to the ‘Money’ tab along the top navigation bar and drop down to the section you want to see first. It’s that simple!

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