We are excited to introduce Dagan Da Roza our new Tech Support Specialist! Dagan works out of our Petaluma, California office and supports merchants and sales partners with all their technology questions. Dagan has four-years of tech support experience in payments and says, “It always feels great to help merchants with processing payments. It’s nice to hear the joy and gratefulness in their voices when I can fix an issue.” Dagan holds a BS in Game Art and Design and loves technology.

Dagan’s talents and skills include:

  • Determination to get the problem resolved.
  • Dedication to finding a solution even when I do not know how to solve the problem at first
  • Listening – He is excellent at listening to the customer and then responding in a calm manner.
  • Dagan is very detailed and makes copious notes on each account so coworkers can know what happened during the call and the steps taken to resolve the problems. (Thanks Dagan!)

Fun Facts About Dagan:

  • He has a 75-pound boxer named Titus who is almost ten years old but still loves to run.
  • He plays rugby as a forward.
  • Dagan enjoys being outdoors as much as possible. The beach is one of his favorite destinations.

He has two daughters. Evee is 3-years-old and Fallon is almost 2-years-old. Dagan says, “We have the best adventures!”

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