With any of our virtual gateway solutions from top technology partners like Clover and SwipeSimple, a business owner can turn any computer or web-enabled device into a secure credit card point-of-sale system. If a merchant is not ready to commit to a traditional POS device with the setup, and on-going software updates they require, they can accept credit and debit cards for their business at a low processing rate through a custom virtual terminal gateway. At Indeflex, we have a broad suite of payment gateways with multiple advantages for small to medium-sized businesses. Our gateway options are simple and quick to set up, and do not require on-going hardware maintenance or software updates. They also offer full PCI compliance and some great additional features such as storing cards on file for repeat use. Virtual terminals can be accessed from a traditional PC, smartphone, or tablet and work flawlessly on any device.

With our SwipeSimple solution, merchants can send invoices via email and collect payments online. The system also sends payment reminders and allows merchants to customize their invoices with their branding. It’s a great way to cut down on stuffing and mailing invoices and cashing checks!

With our Clover virtual terminal, merchants get the convenience and security of using their iPhone or Android app to process payments. The merchant can also send digital receipts via email or text, and the software allows them to collect and store their customer’s contact information to send them marketing messages later. Explore more payment processing options on our Solutions page now.

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