Indeflex Welcomes SwipeSimple Terminals Soon!

We have BIG news! We are launching cutting edge point-of-sale terminals from our technology partner SwipeSimple on October 4th!
Here’s a sneak peak of what they look like:

The SwipeSimple terminal technology is trusted by over 60,000 merchants nationwide and it’s easy to see why. The SwipeSimple terminal is the best way to accept payments with an all-in-one device that’s super user-friendly.

Features Include:
• Modern, easy-to-use payment solution for small businesses
• Cloud-based inventory, item tracking, and real-time transaction history
• Customizable tip prompts and support for multiple tax rates
• Compatible with a variety of smart terminal devices
• Digital receipts (email, text)
• Accepts EMV chip, magnetic stripe and contactless
• Business reporting and analytics

And in even BIGGER news, along with the launch of SwipeSimple terminals we can now provide Level 3 processing in addition to our current Level 2 processing capability. What does that mean for merchants like you?
Level 3 is specific to B2B transactions, and conveys more line item detail about your transactions to Visa and MasterCard which satisfies their requirements for a lower base cost, as that extra information is much less likely to be fraudulent than a transaction that only includes a name, a date, and a charge amount. Level 3 Processing was originally invented to prevent excess government spending. It allows invoice information, including line-item details, to be passed to the cardholder’s bank statement. In order to receive Level 3 Processing, merchants must accept either purchasing cards, corporate cards or government spending accounts (GSA) issued by Visa or MasterCard. If a merchant intends to accept GSA cards, they must achieve Level 3 pricing, as government entities, as well as some companies, require line-item detail to appear on their bank statements.

Here’s an example of how the levels of processing security differ:

Request a consultation now for your new SwipeSimple terminal or to level-up to Level 3 processing to save even more on your merchant services.

Indeflex Launches Swipe Simple!

Flat Cash is going mobile! We are continually innovating and partnering with payment solutions that our merchants need to work smarter, from anywhere. We are excited to launch our new partnership with Swipe Simple, who currently supports more than 50,000 merchants nationwide. Swipe Simple delivers more mobile payments technology and Flat Cash, which eliminates up to 100% of a merchant’s credit card processing fees, on-the-go! Let’s dig in.

Swipe Simple offers a sleek mobile app that works for Flat Cash merchants or traditional. It’s available on iOS and Android mobile devices and includes advanced functionality like tip settings with user-defined presets and custom tax rates for cross-state travel. The mobile solutions also come with versatile hardware, including mobile card readers with EMV Quick Chip, contactless, and magnetic stripe capabilities. They come with a built-in dock for charging or as a stand and a wireless printer, and customizable receipts are also available.

The Swipe Simple dashboard allows merchants to track their payment activity from a computer at-a-glance and includes pay-by-phone capability to save customer cards and contact information securely. It also has reports, customer analytics, and many more valuable business tools.

The Swipe Simple web dashboard includes insightful reports, business and customer management tools, invoicing to send, collect, and manage invoices, and more!

Ready to bring your payment technology with you anywhere? Request a consultation from a local Indeflex sales partner now!

Flex Family Highlight | Meet Dagan Da Roza!

We are excited to introduce Dagan Da Roza our new Tech Support Specialist! Dagan works out of our Petaluma, California office and supports merchants and sales partners with all their technology questions. Dagan has four-years of tech support experience in payments and says, “It always feels great to help merchants with processing payments. It’s nice to hear the joy and gratefulness in their voices when I can fix an issue.” Dagan holds a BS in Game Art and Design and loves technology.

Dagan’s talents and skills include:

  • Determination to get the problem resolved.
  • Dedication to finding a solution even when I do not know how to solve the problem at first
  • Listening – He is excellent at listening to the customer and then responding in a calm manner.
  • Dagan is very detailed and makes copious notes on each account so coworkers can know what happened during the call and the steps taken to resolve the problems. (Thanks Dagan!)

Fun Facts About Dagan:

  • He has a 75-pound boxer named Titus who is almost ten years old but still loves to run.
  • He plays rugby as a forward.
  • Dagan enjoys being outdoors as much as possible. The beach is one of his favorite destinations.

He has two daughters. Evee is 3-years-old and Fallon is almost 2-years-old. Dagan says, “We have the best adventures!”

Flex Family Highlight | Indeflex Welcomes Don Canale to the Advisory Board

Indeflex’s Advisory Board consists of top industry veterans with a variety of hands-on experience, and Indeflex is excited to welcome Don Canale to this stellar team. Don served as the Vice President of Finance for a $725MM business unit within the Global Business Solutions segment. In his role as a Division CFO, he became a trusted strategic business partner providing broad insight to maximize opportunities for growth and profitability.

Don says, “I want to help provide financial planning and analysis support by designing and implementing management reporting tools to improve business decisions. It’s a great time to be in the payments space, and I think Indeflex, with its client focus and flexible payment options, will be able to achieve success. I look forward to helping the team achieve rapid growth.”

Don’s background includes financial planning and analysis using a data-driven approach to providing financial support for large businesses. He is a respected industry thought leader and change agent who enacts a strategic vision for financial integrity and sustainable revenue growth. Don is “Excited to be part of the atmosphere that Indeflex is creating. It’s very family-oriented, and they are lean, progressive, and move quickly on ideas.”

Fun Facts About Don:
• He has been married for 25 years, has two great kids and lives in Long Island, NY.
• He loves to golf whenever he can.
• Don has spent what many would consider a lifetime in payments already after spending 20+ years at First Data in finance leadership and merchant acquisition.
• Don believes that “The key to success is surrounding yourself with good people.”

Flex Family Highlight | Meet Mischa Redmond

Indeflex is excited to announce the addition of our new national trainer, Mischa Redmond! He has been in the payments space for almost 20 years and previously built two merchant service companies from scratch totaling a combined residual of over $150k per month.

Redmond first entered the trade as a sales rep at Card Payment in 2003, and he hit the ground running. Through his ability to adapt and gain knowledge of every industry he discovered, Mischa boarded over 700 personal accounts in his first two years. Holding the top sales rep spot in the nation for over that same time period, he quickly found himself as a regional manager. Eventually, he started pursuing his own payment solution company. First established was The Redwoods Company, which grew to over 4,000 accounts with processing volume of over 60MM per month within seven years.

Over the past two years, Mischa worked at SpotOn as the VP of Training and Product Development, where he built their region from zero accounts to 1,800 while still handling all national training duties. Personally, Mischa has sold over 4,300 merchant accounts throughout his tenured career and is still in the field every week.

Managing Partner Phil Krivacek said, “There is an energy that you instantly feel the minute Mischa walks in the room, pops up on a zoom call, or is the voice on the other end of the phone. He is one of the few individuals ever to close over 40 deals in one month, build multiple companies out of his own funds, and truly go after life in every way. When you tell Redmond something can’t be done, he makes sure to show you that it can.”

Mischa’s core values include:
• Ethics, integrity, passion, and vision. Mischa says, “I want to build a truly flexible environment that is missing in the current payments space.”
• Giving back to small businesses and making a difference in the community.

Mischa says, “When you can find the right people to build your foundation with, adding to it only makes it stronger. Family, friends, building community, and striving to make every day better than the last is what keeps me motivated. Sitting still is never an option.” He is excited to help build a partner channel with agents that are new to the industry and create training programs to accelerate their growth.

Personally, fatherhood is Mischa’s greatest treasure, and his three daughters (age 19 and twins age 16) are his pride and joy. He is a passionate biker and is opening his first bike shop called The Bike and Brew Haus next May, currently working on his Minnesota Real Estate License and is only two away from having visited all 50 states! And congratulations are in order, his fiancé Jackie and him are saying I do this coming October. Welcome to the Indeflex family Mischa!

New Expanded St. Augustine, FL Headquarters!

We are excited to share a peek at our new expanded office space in our St. Augustine, FL HQ. Located in the historic downtown area, the new office suite has tripled our space and includes a big conference room for team meetings, several larger offices, and seating space for a dozen additional support staffers. This location is primarily focused on customer support, technology, and product development. The team has been thrilled to stretch out since moving into the new office on June 15th. Visiting Indeflex Sales Partners and Vendors are welcome to work from the St. Augustine office space and will enjoy that it is walking distance to all the shops and restaurants around St. Augustine’s historic downtown.

The Historic District in St. Augustine is the heart of the city. This is where guests will find a majority of the city’s restaurants, shopping, hotels, and attractions. The Historic District is the oldest part of the city with many buildings dating back to the 1700s. Even the streets are laid out as they would have been centuries ago, and are more walkable than a lot of cities visitors are used to seeing in America. Along with being a beautiful area for finding things to do like shopping, visiting museums, and dining, the Historic District is also home to the beautiful bayfront with lovely panoramic views of the Matanzas Bay.

The top-rated attractions in the area are centered around the Historic District and reflect the importance of history in shaping St. Augustine into what it is today. For example, the Colonial Quarter is a living history museum with costumed reenactors and interactive experiences. The Castillo and the Fountain of Youth both have weapons demonstrations so guests can expect to hear the sound of canon and musket fire around the Historic District.

Another defining feature of the Historic District is the architecture. The design on building facades represents the height of Spanish Colonial and Spanish Renaissance Revival architecture. The area of town showcases everything from early European design, Florida bungalow style houses, and Gilded Age extravagance. Being the nation’s oldest city, the Historic District of St. Augustine represents all that history has built here since 1565.

Flex Family Highlight | Meet Patti Tonks

We are excited to welcome Patti Tonks to the Indeflex family as our newest addition to the recruitment team. As a Talent Acquisition Specialist at Indeflex, Patti’s role is to meet and greet our Sales Partner applicants and take them to the next level of becoming a Sales Partner. Patti is an experienced recruiter, having spent 15 years at Career Systems International (now Talent Dimensions) working with HR executives at Fortune 500 companies globally in the areas of employee retention, engagement, workplace satisfaction, and career development as Vice President of Client Success. In that role, Patti managed the deployment of all consultants, program materials, and schedules. She was also the company’s CRM administrator and handled pricing and proposals, internal processes, and onboarding. She is excited to put all this experience to work at Indeflex!

Patti is excited to work for Indeflex because she likes being one of the first people our future Sales Partners meet. Patti says, “As someone who loves to meet new people as often as possible, this role suits me perfectly!”

Fun Facts About Patti:

  • Patti’s greatest role in life is as a mother to her three fabulous children (and her new daughter-in-law) and two terrific step-sons.
  • Patti loves cooking – especially grilling.
  • She and her husband, Ron, have two German Shepherds and one chocolate lab -Bella, Nikita, and Sadie.
  • Taking their boat to the lake with the kids, dogs, and friends – enjoying water sports together is her favorite way to spend a summer day.
  • She is an avid reader of suspense, mystery, and thriller genres.
  • She enjoys perennial gardening and landscaping.

Please join us in welcoming Patti to the team! We are delighted to have her in this critical role.

Indeflex Hosts Critical and Timely Webinar About COVID-19’s Impacts on Payments

Indeflex is pleased to announce a valuable and informative webinar on Thursday, May 7th at 3:30 pm EST that is open to everyone featuring risk management expert Mike Gramz, Chief Risk Officer at Yapstone. Mike will discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted risk management and the payments industry as a whole. REGISTER HERE


About Mike Gramz

Mike Gramz leads all risk management functions at Yapstone which is focused on providing partners with world class Marketplace Trust and Safety solutions. Mike is a payments industry veteran who has spent much of his career focused on compliance and regulatory policy, PCI, credit, fraud, loss provisioning and loan loss reserves, and data security. He has over 27-years of financial services experience at FinTech companies including Merchant e-Solutions (a Cielo company) as Chief Risk Officer and Board Director, and 17 of those years at Bank of America where he was Chief Risk Officer for Bank of America Merchant Services (BAMS) and a key strategic contributor in the formation of the acquiring joint venture with KKR and First Data Corporation. As a risk executive for Bank of America, over the years he was also responsible for Global Corporate Banking product risk, oversaw card brand acquiring relationships, led Global Treasury Services compliance, and was accountable for all consumer and corporate compliance functions in Canada and Latin America including businesses in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and Mexico.

Webinar registrants are encouraged to submit their questions ahead of the event to so Mr. Gramz can address them during the Q&A portion of the session. The webinar will be recorded and shared after for anyone who registers and can’t make it to the live event. This webinar is free for all attendees. Register HERE!

Introducing Autobahn Money for Indeflex Agents

Our CTO Jason Konrad has been hard at work on a custom portal called Autobahn Money, that allows all Indeflex agents to seamlessly view and track commissions at-a-glance. This is not a drill! This new portal is rolling out this week and next, so let’s dive in to learn more. Agents should watch for their welcome email to the portal any day now!

First of all, Autobahn is the business management tool all Indeflex agents use to submit tickets, turn in and track applications, run reports, track leads, etc. The list goes on and on of all the cool custom features Autobahn offers. This new feature is a specific functionality that agents have been asking for that allows them to view their pending, paid, balance owned, and residual statuses from the one portal. Here’s a snap shot of how it looks.

This new portal shows agents their payment history, and most importantly, it gives crystal clear visibility into the payout process and which accounts have been paid, which have not, and why.

When agents login they will see:

· Pending – From approval bonuses or other bonuses

· Paid – Accounts already paid to you

· Balance – Agents can track their advances and other balances

· Residuals – As our agent’s book of business grows, this tab will show their ‘hands-off’ earnings – the residual income agents earn every day, all year long on previously sold accounts.

There is also a section that shows a full history of all the accounts an agent has sold. It looks like this:

This history section shows approvals, bonuses, activation statuses, and applications that are pending to give agents a full view of their book of business at any given time.

“I built this with our agent’s convenience in mind. They all need a way to easily see their earnings and what accounts need follow-up or are pending for some reason. This gives them all the information they need in a simple format right inside Autobahn,” said Jason Konrad, CTO at Indeflex.

Once each agent’s account has been created, a welcome email will be sent out. When logging into the Autobahn Money portal you’ll navigate to the ‘Money’ tab along the top navigation bar and drop down to the section you want to see first. It’s that simple!

Flex Family Highlight | Quintin Krivacek

Quintin is the glue here at Indeflex corporate. Working out of our St. Augustine, FL office, Quintin has his hands on the pulse of everything we do at Indeflex. As our Operations Manager, Quintin (nickname Q) helps Indeflex run like a well-oiled machine. Quintin is excited by the Indeflex business model, which focuses on making the agent’s job as easy as possible by arming them with all the tools they will need to cultivate strong, long-lasting relationships with merchants. His operations responsibilities include maintaining the technology solutions agents use to process applications and serve merchants. Quintin believes the tools Indeflex is deploying have unparalleled functionality in the industry. “I love being there for our partners, and freeing them up to do what they do best; work with clients. That’s what makes my job so fun!”

Quintin launched his career in merchant services with Bank of America as a Small Business Solutions Consultant after completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising from the University of Florida. While at Bank of America, Quintin specialized in Clover for restaurants and retailers. After selling direct to merchants for several years, he transitioned into financial planning and has worked in risk and wealth management for New York Life for several years.

Fun facts about Q:

  1. He has a dog named Greg.
  2. He loves to cook, especially BBQ.
  3. He and his girlfriend Stephanie love to travel.
  4. He is obsessed with motorsports (Formula 1, NASCAR, endurance racing, etc.).
  5. He is fascinated with astrophysics and astronomy.