Saint Augustine, FLA. (PRWEB) December 10, 2019

Today’s fintech has to be agile and offer solutions that support businesses across more than credit card processing. Indeflex is meeting that demand with its unique entrepreneur-friendly platform built to deliver smart, flexible merchant services solutions as well as support for marketing, CRM, web design, accounting, banking, affiliate programs, referral programs, networking, and more. Paul Dobson, a Managing Partner at Indeflex, explains, “We understand owner-operators of all stripes struggle to manage day-to-day operations, keep up with rapidly advancing technology, and cut costs while maintaining focus on increasing revenue. Through local and personal service nationwide and a wide array of products, we empower merchants with simple ways do business better. While our competitors push proprietary solutions in their self-interest, we are ‘Indeflexible’ and deliver the technologies that best fit our customer’s needs.”

Indeflex works with partners and merchants across a variety of back-end processors to deliver full-service, hands-on support to drive to success. The Indeflex platform offers everything from professional proposals, sales coaching, technology education, and business development to application processing and portfolio management. “We work for you. Our sales partners are our number one client. They say jump… we say how high? We have the independence and flexibility to make things happen. We enable our partners to hit the easy button and put the brunt of the work on us. We take our cues from those who use our platform to ensure we build products people want. Our clients drive our innovation,” said Paul Dobson, Managing Partner at Indeflex.

Indeflex’s key differentiation include same-day commissions and activations, and multiple processing platforms for maximum flexibility on pricing, products, and POS compatibility. Phil Krivacek, Managing Partner at Indeflex, explains, “To deliver best-in-class products and services to the customers, today’s fintech has to be nimble, responsive, and flexible to keep up with a rapidly changing landscape. Our vision is to create a company that is large enough to respond to the needs of the client, but at the same time, be small enough to maintain deep, lasting relationships.” And the early results are exciting. Paul Dobson explains, “Sales have been off the charts. We are ahead of schedule on our technology road map. Right from our launch date, we deployed a software platform and are delivering products and services that many other companies could only dream of. We have handpicked the best in the industry from across the country to help build this house. I am amazed every day by what the Indeflex family accomplishes.” To date, Indeflex has opened offices in Petaluma, CA and Saint Augustine, FL to provide broader access and more personalized service across the country.

About Indeflex
Indeflex is an entrepreneur-centric platform focused on offering flexible options for merchants and a great career opportunity for independent sales partners nationwide. Indeflex is built for entrepreneurs. With flexible options for merchants to save on processing fees, such as the Flat Cash program, and a ready-made business model for partners to grow their portfolio using a suite of cutting-edge technologies, Indeflex has everything businesses need to excel.