Flex Family Highlight | Meet Patti Tonks

We are excited to welcome Patti Tonks to the Indeflex family as our newest addition to the recruitment team. As a Talent Acquisition Specialist at Indeflex, Patti’s role is to meet and greet our Sales Partner applicants and take them to the next level of becoming a Sales Partner. Patti is an experienced recruiter, having spent 15 years at Career Systems International (now Talent Dimensions) working with HR executives at Fortune 500 companies globally in the areas of employee retention, engagement, workplace satisfaction, and career development as Vice President of Client Success. In that role, Patti managed the deployment of all consultants, program materials, and schedules. She was also the company’s CRM administrator and handled pricing and proposals, internal processes, and onboarding. She is excited to put all this experience to work at Indeflex!

Patti is excited to work for Indeflex because she likes being one of the first people our future Sales Partners meet. Patti says, “As someone who loves to meet new people as often as possible, this role suits me perfectly!”

Fun Facts About Patti:

  • Patti’s greatest role in life is as a mother to her three fabulous children (and her new daughter-in-law) and two terrific step-sons.
  • Patti loves cooking – especially grilling.
  • She and her husband, Ron, have two German Shepherds and one chocolate lab -Bella, Nikita, and Sadie.
  • Taking their boat to the lake with the kids, dogs, and friends – enjoying water sports together is her favorite way to spend a summer day.
  • She is an avid reader of suspense, mystery, and thriller genres.
  • She enjoys perennial gardening and landscaping.

Please join us in welcoming Patti to the team! We are delighted to have her in this critical role.

Meet the Team: Highlight Karina Mira and Tori Karkkanen

As our merchant account portfolio and processing volume grow, so is our team! One such important team member is Karina Mira, our front line Senior Sales Coordinator. Karina started with Indeflex even before we launched in September of 2019 and handles SRA’s for agents and trains all our sales partners on the important Autobahn system to help them run their business and submit deals efficiently. She also scrubs and submits applications, provides pricing, does statement analysis, and more! She is the lifeline our sales partners know and love. Karina has 3 beautiful kids with her husband Luis. Her children, Andre, Mateo, and Lily keep her very busy with soccer games, birthday parties, play dates, and school. Her kind and nurturing personality extends beyond family and is an integral part of her business philosophy. Karina said, “If you do business with us, you’re family too- and I take care of my family! I have a very caring, nurturing, and outgoing person and I always strive to be fair and honest.”

Karina says, “I love my job! I love to laugh, joke, and work hard for our sales partners who are always so lovely and appreciative of the support I provide.” Thank you, Karina, for all that you do!

The other team member we want you to get to know a little better is our new Technical Support Specialist, Tori Karkkanen. Tori supports our team with technical support and has expertise across all the product lines we sell (which there are several). Not only is Tori exceptionally tech-savvy, but he is also a patient, helpful resource for all our sales partners’ technology-related questions and concerns in the field. Tori has 15-years of tech support experience and previously worked for TSYS in customer service and agent support.

Tory had previously worked with Indeflex’s Managing Partner Paul Dobson at Central Payment, and TSYS from 2006 to 2019. After meeting with Paul and getting to know how Indeflex works, he was impressed and ready to sign onto the team. Tori says, “Paul’s energy, his focus, and the groundwork he had laid out for Indeflex was a huge reason I came over. All the support I’ve received from the entire Indeflex family has been awesome, something I was missing at TSYS.”

Personally, Tori and his wife Adriana have a beautiful four-year-old daughter named Katja who keeps them constantly busy.  In his free time, he enjoys playing pool at a local hangout and eating his wife’s delicious cooking!

We are so happy and lucky to have Tori on our team!  Welcome to the #flexfamily!