Indeflex Welcomes SwipeSimple Terminals Soon!

We have BIG news! We are launching cutting edge point-of-sale terminals from our technology partner SwipeSimple on October 4th!
Here’s a sneak peak of what they look like:

The SwipeSimple terminal technology is trusted by over 60,000 merchants nationwide and it’s easy to see why. The SwipeSimple terminal is the best way to accept payments with an all-in-one device that’s super user-friendly.

Features Include:
• Modern, easy-to-use payment solution for small businesses
• Cloud-based inventory, item tracking, and real-time transaction history
• Customizable tip prompts and support for multiple tax rates
• Compatible with a variety of smart terminal devices
• Digital receipts (email, text)
• Accepts EMV chip, magnetic stripe and contactless
• Business reporting and analytics

And in even BIGGER news, along with the launch of SwipeSimple terminals we can now provide Level 3 processing in addition to our current Level 2 processing capability. What does that mean for merchants like you?
Level 3 is specific to B2B transactions, and conveys more line item detail about your transactions to Visa and MasterCard which satisfies their requirements for a lower base cost, as that extra information is much less likely to be fraudulent than a transaction that only includes a name, a date, and a charge amount. Level 3 Processing was originally invented to prevent excess government spending. It allows invoice information, including line-item details, to be passed to the cardholder’s bank statement. In order to receive Level 3 Processing, merchants must accept either purchasing cards, corporate cards or government spending accounts (GSA) issued by Visa or MasterCard. If a merchant intends to accept GSA cards, they must achieve Level 3 pricing, as government entities, as well as some companies, require line-item detail to appear on their bank statements.

Here’s an example of how the levels of processing security differ:

Request a consultation now for your new SwipeSimple terminal or to level-up to Level 3 processing to save even more on your merchant services.

Indeflex Launches Swipe Simple!

Flat Cash is going mobile! We are continually innovating and partnering with payment solutions that our merchants need to work smarter, from anywhere. We are excited to launch our new partnership with Swipe Simple, who currently supports more than 50,000 merchants nationwide. Swipe Simple delivers more mobile payments technology and Flat Cash, which eliminates up to 100% of a merchant’s credit card processing fees, on-the-go! Let’s dig in.

Swipe Simple offers a sleek mobile app that works for Flat Cash merchants or traditional. It’s available on iOS and Android mobile devices and includes advanced functionality like tip settings with user-defined presets and custom tax rates for cross-state travel. The mobile solutions also come with versatile hardware, including mobile card readers with EMV Quick Chip, contactless, and magnetic stripe capabilities. They come with a built-in dock for charging or as a stand and a wireless printer, and customizable receipts are also available.

The Swipe Simple dashboard allows merchants to track their payment activity from a computer at-a-glance and includes pay-by-phone capability to save customer cards and contact information securely. It also has reports, customer analytics, and many more valuable business tools.

The Swipe Simple web dashboard includes insightful reports, business and customer management tools, invoicing to send, collect, and manage invoices, and more!

Ready to bring your payment technology with you anywhere? Request a consultation from a local Indeflex sales partner now!

Flex Family Highlight | Indeflex Welcomes Don Canale to the Advisory Board

Indeflex’s Advisory Board consists of top industry veterans with a variety of hands-on experience, and Indeflex is excited to welcome Don Canale to this stellar team. Don served as the Vice President of Finance for a $725MM business unit within the Global Business Solutions segment. In his role as a Division CFO, he became a trusted strategic business partner providing broad insight to maximize opportunities for growth and profitability.

Don says, “I want to help provide financial planning and analysis support by designing and implementing management reporting tools to improve business decisions. It’s a great time to be in the payments space, and I think Indeflex, with its client focus and flexible payment options, will be able to achieve success. I look forward to helping the team achieve rapid growth.”

Don’s background includes financial planning and analysis using a data-driven approach to providing financial support for large businesses. He is a respected industry thought leader and change agent who enacts a strategic vision for financial integrity and sustainable revenue growth. Don is “Excited to be part of the atmosphere that Indeflex is creating. It’s very family-oriented, and they are lean, progressive, and move quickly on ideas.”

Fun Facts About Don:
• He has been married for 25 years, has two great kids and lives in Long Island, NY.
• He loves to golf whenever he can.
• Don has spent what many would consider a lifetime in payments already after spending 20+ years at First Data in finance leadership and merchant acquisition.
• Don believes that “The key to success is surrounding yourself with good people.”

Indeflex Welcomes New Sales Director Jared Hackler

The Indeflex family is growing rapidly and we are excited to share the addition of our new Sales Director, Jared Hackler. Jared will join our West coast office and will be instrumental in developing our sales partners. Jared has owned and operated three businesses in the advertising and merchant service industries since age 21. Before joining Indeflex, Jared held the position of CEO and Executive Sales Director at Echo Daily Inc., a business development and marketing company that he launched in 2010. Since founding the company with four employees, Jared grew Echo Daily into an organization that was valued by Bruce Thee and Associates at over $3.5M, and employs hundreds of sales and support personnel. Jared developed the business with the primary objective of aligning his company’s interests directly with his clients’ goals and he began offering mutually profitable products and services that improved the performance of his clients’ businesses.

As the new Sales Director at Indeflex, Jared will focus on hiring, recruiting, and training new sales partners nationwide. Additionally, he will provide day-to-day support for our sales partners and may also host some of our weekly MindFlex webinars to share valuable insights and inspiration.

Before joining Echo Daily and Indeflex, Jared maintained Access Fleet Inc. as the Vice President and Executive Sales Director between 2007 and 2011. Other professional positions also include serving as Sales Director at Central Payment Corporation and Petroleum Card Services, and as Marketing Director at a skateboard equipment and apparel shop. Mr. Hackler has lived in Gardnerville, Lake Tahoe, Santa Barbara, San Francisco and Hawaii.

Connect with Jared on LinkedIn to learn more.

Flex Your Merchant Services Savings Power with Flat Cash

One of the fun things we get to do here at Indeflex is create unique ways to help our merchants save money on credit card processing to increase their profit margins. The Flat Cash program is one of these inventions and here’s how it works.

If the customer chooses to pay by credit card, they will be charged a small fee that offsets your credit card processing costs. We provide all the signage to explain how this works to customers, and to encourage them to pay with cash instead. This way, the customer always has the option to skip the fee by paying with cash or a debit card. In this way, business owners can eliminate 100% of fees. We also deploy cutting-edge technology that automatically identifies the different transaction types to keep you within the card brand’s guidelines. It’s that simple. And the benefits are HUGE.

Why use Flat Cash?

  • Flat rate pricing- with Flat Cash, business owners enjoy a low, dependable monthly rate.
  • Card brand notifications and signage for your customers are included to remain compliant.
  • We provide you with a premium cash discount enabled device that automatically separates debit and credit transactions.
  • You’ll increase revenue by processing fewer credit card transactions and will pay a lower fee for merchant services.

This is the easiest way to pass through a low credit card processing fee through to the customers who choose to pay with credit. Indeflex runs a fully compliant Flat Cash program with certified equipment and full card brand compliance. Be wary of other ‘cash discount’ programs, as Visa has put out a statement notifying the payments industry that many of these are not compliant with its guidelines! If you’re looking for a smart, easy way to reduce merchant services expenses, you’ve found it! Request more info now and get started.

Welcome to a New Merchant Services Experience for Entrepreneurs!

Indy-graphicAmid a sea of merchant services providers emerges Indeflex—a cohesive platform built for entrepreneurs. Indeflex was created from an understanding that today’s fintech has to be agile and offer solutions that support businesses across more than just credit card processing. Indeflex is meeting that demand with its unique entrepreneur-friendly platform built to deliver smart, flexible merchant services solutions as well as support for marketing, CRM, web design, accounting, banking, affiliate programs, referral programs, networking, and more.

Indeflex works with partners and merchants across a variety of back-end processors to deliver full-service, hands-on support to drive to success. The Indeflex platform offers everything from professional proposals, sales coaching, technology education, and business development to application processing and portfolio management. Let’s dig into the perks of working smarter, not harder, with Indeflex!

It's All About the Flex

We know that accepting credit card payments requires flexibility. That’s why we work with each business owner to evaluate your needs, the types of sales you make, and the card types you typically accept to create a custom plan. We do the legwork to weigh the options and choose from a variety of back-end processors to get you the lowest rates, best cutting-edge equipment and technology, and the most features.

And the FLEX perks continue with:

  • Multiple processing platforms deliver seamless back-end service from top providers including TSYS, First Data, and Elavon.
  • Smart technology solutions available for retail, restaurants, e-commerce, wireless use, business-to-business, medical/dental and more!
    • We even offer online virtual terminals, mobile systems or in-store point-of-sale (POS) solutions that work for any business.
  • Easy online application process makes switching simple. And we can often offer same-day activation and fast equipment installations with local service and support!
  • Flexible batch times mean you always get paid the next day, even if you batch out late.

Our motto is simple – Your success is our success! So, we don’t hold you hostage with long-term contracts. We earn your business every day. Get in touch for a custom quote today! Learn more about Indeflex on our News and Press page now.

*Free technology placement program may not be available in all areas.