Indeflex Welcomes SwipeSimple Terminals Soon!

We have BIG news! We are launching cutting edge point-of-sale terminals from our technology partner SwipeSimple on October 4th!
Here’s a sneak peak of what they look like:

The SwipeSimple terminal technology is trusted by over 60,000 merchants nationwide and it’s easy to see why. The SwipeSimple terminal is the best way to accept payments with an all-in-one device that’s super user-friendly.

Features Include:
• Modern, easy-to-use payment solution for small businesses
• Cloud-based inventory, item tracking, and real-time transaction history
• Customizable tip prompts and support for multiple tax rates
• Compatible with a variety of smart terminal devices
• Digital receipts (email, text)
• Accepts EMV chip, magnetic stripe and contactless
• Business reporting and analytics

And in even BIGGER news, along with the launch of SwipeSimple terminals we can now provide Level 3 processing in addition to our current Level 2 processing capability. What does that mean for merchants like you?
Level 3 is specific to B2B transactions, and conveys more line item detail about your transactions to Visa and MasterCard which satisfies their requirements for a lower base cost, as that extra information is much less likely to be fraudulent than a transaction that only includes a name, a date, and a charge amount. Level 3 Processing was originally invented to prevent excess government spending. It allows invoice information, including line-item details, to be passed to the cardholder’s bank statement. In order to receive Level 3 Processing, merchants must accept either purchasing cards, corporate cards or government spending accounts (GSA) issued by Visa or MasterCard. If a merchant intends to accept GSA cards, they must achieve Level 3 pricing, as government entities, as well as some companies, require line-item detail to appear on their bank statements.

Here’s an example of how the levels of processing security differ:

Request a consultation now for your new SwipeSimple terminal or to level-up to Level 3 processing to save even more on your merchant services.